Article 1206 of the UAE Civil Transactions Code states

Article 1206 of the UAE Civil Transactions Code states: “Minerals found under the ground shall be the property of the State even if they are found in a privately owned land.  The UAE has neither a unified federal oil policy nor any federal petroleum legislation under which the conditions governing the granting of exploration and development permits are fixed in advance Each emirate handles its own petroleum affairs.  While the UAE does have a Federal Petroleum Ministry,  its present role is confined to representing the country in the international petroleum community and in specialized international and regional organizations such as OPEC,  OAPEC and the Arab Organization of Mincral Resources.

It is for these reasons that the UAE cannot be considered to have a unified legal framework for the development of petroleum resources.  Since Abu Dhabi is the largest oil-producing emirate,  with the biggest oil reserves,  the richest experience in the oil industry and the longest history of relationships with foreign oil companies,  it is the most logical candidate among the emirates for a study of the legal framework for the development of petroleum resources and related experiences in this field.  Chapter 1 of this book describes the growth of the petroleum industry in Abu Dhabi,  while Chapter 2 outlines the main features of the legal framework for the development of petroleum resources in the emirate In order to illustrate the way in which the oil industry is being run and how exploration and production of oil and gas are carried out in Abu Dhabi,  Chapter 3 details the present organizational structure of the oil industry in Abu Dhabi,  the respective roles of the relevant governmental authorities,  the Abu Dhabi National oil Company NOC)  and the other operating companies,  while also highlighting heir main achievements.  In view of the particularity of the gas industry it is necessary to devote separate chapter to Abu Dhabi’s experience field of gas,  while Chapter 5 deals with the fiscal regime of oil and gas operations in the emirate.  Chapter 6 is dedicated to the important subject of the settlement of disputes between oil-producing states and the oil companies operating therein,  while Chapter 7 explores the evolving relationships between The the Abu Dhabi government and international oil companies,  including certain recent developments.  Finally,  the study ends with a conclusion Indu chapter(Chapter 8),  which will provide an insight into the future of Abu Dhabi’s oil industry.  countri the Pet oil pro Petrole The by the organi(GCC)  Qatar relatio policie econom Like UAE h its nat as the similar.

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