The prevailing trend among oPEC and OAPE members

The prevailing trend among oPEC and OAPE members to complain about their minimal share of the world’s refining capacity.

For ADNoc,  an additional factor that adds to the importance of possessing a refining capacity is its obligation to satisfy the demands off local consumption.  Abu Dhabi currently has two wholly-owned refineries:

a small plant at Umm Al Nar with a capacity of 88,000 bpd which was opened in 1976;  and another at Ruwais with a capacity of 420,000 bpd which was established in 1982 and intended to be export-  oriented.  In 1999,  a company owned by ADNOC-Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER)  was established to take over responsibility for refining operations and to develop the refining industry.  Takreer is presently installing unleaded gasoline units at both its refineries,  as well as a low-sulfur gas oil unit.  Local Distribution of Refined Products As early as 1973,  the government decided that the local distribution of refined products should be carried out by a national entity instead of foreign oil distribution companies.  For that purpose ADNOC Distribution,  a company owned by ADNOC,  was established in 1973(by Law No.  13 of 1973).

This company handles all domestic marketing activities takes delivery of products supplied by local refineries and undertakes their distribution throughout the emirate also securing the importation of additional quantities to meet any deficit.  ADNoc Distribution operates a vast network of service stations throughout the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The ADNoc Aviation Refueling service operations in 1982 at Abu Dhabi International Airport and egan company now refuels more than 50 international airlin lubricant blending and packaging plant,  commissioned by company in 1979,  has developed and expanded to become wh ADNOc describes as”one of the best plants in the region.”  company has also invested extensively in state-of-the-art bunker facilities at the Mina Zayed Port in Abu Dhab one of its functions is to refuel ships ADNOC Distribution is now installing a natural gas distrib network in the emirate,  which will have the effect of broadening th deliver gas of gas as a domestic energy This network will to around 200,000 industrial users and households in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and in the Mussafah industrial zo The initial phase of this project is scheduled for completion in 2008 Marine Transportation In order to secure effective participation in the field of marine transportation to complement its marketing activity abroad ADNOC established a wholly-owned subsidiary the Abu Dhabi National Tankers Company(ADNATCO)-in 1975 to engage marine operations involving the transportation of crude oil,  natural gas,  refined petroleum products and all other hydrocarbon-based substances ADNATCO owns and operates a fleet of nine tankers,  including a molten sulfur carrier,  a bunking vessel,  and roll-on roll-off(ro ro)  vessels.  ADNATco vessels deliver worldwide to custo including major oil companies,  and provide logistical support a advice on shipping to and its group of companies.  addition to managing and operating its own fleet ADNATCO manages ADNOC’s offshore bunker supply ships Nation The 1972 deve opera drilling fleet NDC and A and sa Ruwai In order gas,  A Ruwais  port fo Abu D The jetties telecom lempor power comple on var Dhab develo by AD through,  the will n the road n all tural ased ding(ro TCO National Drilling Company(NDC)  The National Drilling Company(NDC)  was established i May 1972 to handle drilling operations required for exploration and field development as well as to undertake work and maintenance erations in both onshore and offshore areas Today,  NDC is a leading drilling company and one of the largest drilling contractors in the Middle East,  currently operating a modern fleet of ten offshore and twelve onshore drilling rigs.  In addition,  NDC has six water well rigs surveying ground water in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The company has won a number of awards for health and safety standards,  and for its innovative approach.13 Ruwais Industrial Zone:  Infrastructure and Utilities In order to achieve its objective of industrialization based on oil and gas,  ADNOC decided to establish a petroleum industrial complex at Ruwais,  near Jebel Dhanna which is considered the most appropriate port for exporting oil and gas products from onshore oil fields i Abu Dhabi.  The facilities available at the Ruwais Industrial Zone include jetties,  berths,  stores,  warehouses,  roads,  camps,  workshops,  a telecommunications system,  water and sewage systems and other temporary and permanent utilities.  ADNOC has also established power facilities and desalination plants for various uses.  A housing complex has been constructed to accommodate employees working on various projects in the Ruwais area The Ruwais area has been transformed from bare desert into Abu Dhabi’s biggest industrial zone a cornerstone of its economic development.  Some of the industrial projects there are carried out by ADNoc(such as the refinery referred to above),  and others through joint ventures between ADNOC and foreign partners.

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