The definitely parasitic policy capitalists

The definitely parasitic policy capitalists,  rectory of the motives appeal trades are dependent u n many most important imperialism of ment employment or contracts:

the in no centers is th this fact.  Two sets of circumstances,  in opinion,  have weakened the old empires: (1)  f and formation of armies recruited para subject peoples”There is first the habit of economic by which the ruling state has used sitism to enrich its ruling class and to bribe its lower classes into of such bribe add the economic high monopolist prolt whatever its form may requires Hobson write”One As for the second circumstance,  of symptoms of which of imperialism is the reckless indifference with Britain,  France and other imperial nations are embarking on this dependence.

Great has gone farthest of the fighting by which we have won our Indian Empire has been done by natives;  in India,  as more recently in Egypt,  great standing armies are placed under British commanders;  almost all the fighting associated with our African dominions,  except in the southern part,  has been done for us by natives gives the following economic appraisal of lhe prospect of partitioning of China:

“The greater part Europe might then assume the appearance character already exhibited by tracts of country in South of England,  in the Riviera,  and in the tourist or residential parts of Italy and Switzerland,  litt cuses of wealthy aristocrats drawing dividends and pension the Far East,  with a somewhat larger group of pro perso retainers and tradesmen and a larger servants and workers in the transport trade and in nal stages of production of the more perishable goo of even federate the caus peril of trial nat Asia an masses dustries perform the con would prospect England atud refl might tlir eroi esturs greatest known is far rulable the fut the im thi di toward The had no to wh States also w who a work direct world which the ices lling And Perry,

Our part and laden esters rom on tonal the main arterial industries would have disappeared,  the staple foods and manufactures flowing in as tribute from and Africa foreshadowed the possibility of even a larger alliance of Western states a European federation of great powers which,  so far from the gigantic the cause of world might introduce i peril a Western parasitism.  a group of advanced from trial nations whose upper classes drew vast tribute tame Asia and Africa,  with which they supported great in mass N retainers.

No longer engaged in the staple of agriculture and manufacture.  but kept in the performance of personal or minor industrial services under the control of a new linancial autocracy.  Let those who would scout such a theory(it would be better to say:  oi consider afion examine the prosper t)  as of districts in Southern economic and Nocial condition condition England today which are already reduced to this which and relleet upon vast extension of such a system might be rendered feasible by the subjection of China to  economic control of similar groups of financiers,  in estors and political and business officials,  draining the greatest potential reservoir of profit the world has ever known,  in order to consume it in Europe.  The situation is lar loo complex.  the play of world forces far too incal calculable.  Io render this or any other single interpretation of the future very probable;  but the influence which govern the imperialism of Western Europe today are moving in this direction.

less counteracted or diverted.  make towards such consummation lhe author is quite right:  il the forces of imperialism had not been counteracted they would have led precisely what he has described.  The significance of a”United States of Europe”  in the present imperialist situation is welly appraised.

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