Biggest oil companies that produce petrol in the world

Biggest oil companies that produce petrol in the world 

First       : Aramco , Country: Saudi Arabia.

Second   : Gasbrom, Country: Russia.

Third      : National Iranian Oil Company , Country:Iran.

Forth     : Pemex , Country: Mexico.

Fifth       : Exxon Mobil,  Country: United States of America .

Sixth      : BP British Petroleum, Country: United Kingdom.

Seventh  : Petrochina ,  Country: China.


Our specialist  take along time of discussion in this Topic in order to get the results as the following :

One Question

Who make a control of oil crude price ?

First and Fifth Companies


Since Aramco is the biggest oil company in the world, that produces thirteen percent of the international production of petrol. In the middle of that Aramco was mostly related with United States of America, by agreements included  exporting huge amount of its production to USA. Then, the oil by the way will generally reach the Fifth company called “Exxon Mobil”, many factors related with producing oil. in little words we say ” Exxon use Aramco oil to recycle then to resell”.


Biggest oil companies in general exist in Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Russia and USA. For Example : Aramco in Saudi Arabia produces 11.5 million barrels of Oil daily, Gasbrom produces 6.8 million barrels of Oil daily.

Some general statements people would say last 20 years : Crude Oil Control the world technology, the revolution of oil change the world from night to light, who has the Oil who win the game , oil is black gold.

    Oil and Gas Investment Companies from these that we mentioned or other than these companies which has a correlation combines producing and investment petrol to make efficient parameters to high quality of life.

  Oil and Gas news and Oil Refinery issues by the 2010 until nowadays can  make with Forex (  demand and supply  market ) the petroleum degree of making satisfaction for the life of each person. On other hand the tricks used make a lose of making fit to people who concern.

Finally, the world controlled by these companies not forever since the news about 50 years of get the oil out of earth may affect next 30 years to make world mostly transferring to the alternative power production may be the best is sun power.







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