Support supervision and implementation strategy

World Bank funds spent so far in preparation for the project:
1. World Bank resources: ~ US $ 450 403
2. Trust Funds: Policy and Human Resources Development ~ US $ 464 331
3. Total: ~ US $ 914 734

Estimated costs for accreditation and supervision:
1. The remaining cost of adoption: 60 thousand US dollars
2. The annual estimated cost of supervision: 200 thousand US dollars

Support supervision and implementation strategy
206. Articles of Association of the World Bank agreement requires that managers and staff bears responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the recipient of the projects and programs that receive funding from the World Bank. The main objective of supervision is to ensure that only the use of funding received in the intended purposes, paying due attention to economy and efficiency in spending, and ensure the achievement of support operations for their development objectives. In light of the complexity of the development of the proposed health insurance systems and attendant high-risk project, the World Bank proposes to apply the enhancer program for the supervision and implementation of the purpose of this project.
207. The following principles will guide this effort:
208. should be a supervising flexible and responsive, and serve as a mechanism for the continuation of the partnership. In this sense, supervision needs to be designed as a process of continuous and able to identify implementation challenges that arise in all aspects of the project and its rapid response interactive. Moreover, the the process that provides a mechanism for dialogue and close cooperation between the government and stakeholders. Thus, in addition to overseeing the functions of regular official semi-annual, Ministry of Health and the General Authority for Health Insurance and the World Bank have agreed to hold regular meetings every two weeks to assess the progress made and the issues that arise, and the areas that necessitate a united effort to ensure a coordinated solutions to common issues. To facilitate this ongoing interaction, the World Bank appointed head of a veteran staff and key members of the team in the field.
209. ensure that the provision of technical precision and approach based on team spirit is crucial given for each of the technical complexity and multiplicity of stakeholders for health insurance information systems that will be developed under the umbrella of the Health Insurance Systems Development Project. To respond effectively to the requirements of implementation; need supervision teams from both sides of the government and the World Bank both to be fitted Pachtsasian have the appropriate technical skills and expertise. This includes, among other things, technical specialists in the following areas: health insurance management systems and health insurance information, and purchase of complex information systems, economic analysis, institutional development, financial management and payments and communications. During the implementation it has shown the need for additional skills in order to deal with the emerging specific requirements.

Appendix 12: Documents project file
 The Egyptian Arabic Republic

Health Insurance Systems Development Project

210. Selected documents available to the World Bank and / or the Ministry of Health as follows:
Documents available to the World Bank and the Ministry of Health
• note dated May / May to June 9, 2008 27
• note dated 8 October / October 27, 2008
• note dated 12 May 18 / May 2009
• note dated 24 to October 29 / October 2009 (pre-assessment)
• Assess procurement capabilities, October / October 2009
• Assess the financial management capacity, in October / October 2009
• procurement plan for developing the health insurance systems October 28 / October 2009
• Japan, the Japanese Fund grant for policy development, human resources development, in May / May 29, 2007
Documents available to the Ministry of Health
• Management Information for health insurance and national specifications clinical information system providers system data flow, January 2007
• Technical report on the appropriate services outsourcing (BPO), November 2007
• assess the effects of family health insurance fund in Sohag, in July 2008 guide
• monitoring family health insurance, August / August 2008 Fund System Guide

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