THE PETROLEUM EXPERIENCE oF Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company (ADGAS)

THE PETROLEUM EXPERIENCE oF  Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company (ADGAS)

The total investment in the project is estimated at some Uss 8-10 billion.  The cost of the first phase of the project is estimated at s3.5 billion(S2 billion for the upstream facilities,  and si.5 billion for the gas line and terminals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai).
     At the end of 2003,  Qatar Petroleum and DEL finalized the Dolphin Project’s field development plan in accordance with a 25-  ear development and production-sharing agreement reached in December 2001.  When the development plan has been completed(due in 2007),  DEL will produce natural gas from the North Field and process it in an offshore plant at Ras Laffan(in Qatar)  where condensate and NGL will be extracted.

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A current priority is to develop non-associated gas production from both: onshore and offshore structures

A current priority is to develop non-associated gas production from both onshore and offshore structures

Onshore,  plans have been made to increase the output of associated and non-associated gas from the Bab and Asab fields through two major gas development projects(AGD-2 and AGD-3) , which are intended to boost gas production by around 2 billion cfpd in 2007,  while offshore gas production has been increased by the development of the Khuff gas structure discovered under the Abu Al-Bukhoosh oil field,  45 km northeast of Das Island.

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The growing importance of gas as a source of energy

  The growing importance of gas as a source of energy

The growing importance of gas as a source of energy,  natural gas production and processing facilities continue  rapidly in Abu Dhabi.  The emirate already possesses one of the world’s largest non-associated gas reservoirs in the Khuff formation b the Umm Shaif oil field. 

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  THE PETROLEUM EXPERIENCE OF ABU DHABI THE Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL)  retains at  FERTIL was established in 1980 as a joint venture between companies ADNOC and CFP(now Total two-thirds one-third ownership respectively).


This company was established to percent s subsidiary produce ammonia and urea using associated gas from onsho fields or the tail(residual)  gas resulting from the extraction o Company A natural gas liquids(NGLs)  at the GASCO NGL extraction The NPC plants located within the onshore fields.  The complex,  located in CCC(30 pe the Ruwais Industrial Zone,  consists of ammonia and urea 1974.  T processing plants.  The installed capacity of the ammonia plant is engineering l,050 metric tons per day and for the urea plant is l,500 metric onshore an tons per day.

    Fifteen percent of the annual production is b marketed locally in the UAE and 85 percent in external markets provided pressure v Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited(Borouge)  coating of Established in 1998,  Borouge is a synergistic joint venture offshore between ADNOC and one of Europe’s leading POLYNESIANS submarine producers,  Borealis A/S,  that manufactures and sells overall polyethylene for use in technically demanding applications the oil in primarily in the flexible and rigid packaging and construction disposal industries.  The complex produces 450,000 tons of high and productio linear low-density polyethylene per year.  productio Petroleum Services Organizations significan ADNOC is also involved in petroleum services which are including indispensable for providing technical support for the basic activities processin related to the production of oil and gas.  The company’s effective collections in this sector,  aside from allowing it to perform a petroleum strategic function that is intimately linked with basic oil activity natural provides it with an opportunity to gain advanced technological gas-b knowledge.  ADNOC has contracted highly specialized companies with extensive experience in different fields within the petroleum industry and established joint companies with them in which its activity,  ological it THE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE oF THE ABU DHAbi oIL INDUSTRY retains at least 51 percent of their equity.

These petroleum services companies include NPCC,  with a 70 percent share held by ADNOC:  National Marine Services(NMs),  initially with a 60 percent share held ADNOC(now replaced by the wholly owned subsidiary Esnaad);  and Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating ompany(ADPPOC),  renamed IRSHAD in 2002 and now wholly owned by ADNOC.  The NPCC is a joint venture between ADNOC(o percent)  and co(30 percent).  It was established in 1973 and began operations Today,  NPCC offers comprehensive services as a major in 1974.  engineering,  procurement and construction contractor for both the onshore and offshore oil,  gas and petrochemicals industry.  Services provided by NPCC include the construction of steel structures pressure vessels,  storage tanks and spheres and anti-corrosion coating of pipes.  The NPCC also operates a marine fleet for offshore transportation and the installation of structures and submarine pipe laying.  Overall,  ADNOC occupies a prime position in the basic phase of the oil industry(production)  in terms of the quantity of oil at its disposal(all of which is marketed directly),  its percentage of total production,  and the effective role it plays in the monitoring of oil production and the industry’s decision-making process.  It has a significant presence in most stages of the integrated oil business,  including refining,  local distribution,  marine transportation,  and processing and liquefaction of gas.  ADNOC has assembled a broad collection of affiliates and subsidiaries covering a wide array of petroleum services,  has put an end to the flaring of associated natural gas and has established a large industrial zone with a variety of gas-based industries.