concessions in the Arab producing countries

concessions in the Arab producing countries

Iraq in 1925 represented a slight improvement on concession.  Article 40 of the agreement stipulated arbitrators failed upon a referee they were to request to agree  Justic the President of the Permanent Court .


Cases successfully Referred to Arbitration Despite the frequent use of arbitration clauses in oil concessions the Middle East,  in practice only a very small number of dspdad have been settled by arbitration.  Differences arising bere countries and concessionaires have usually been negotiations.  In fact,  until the late 1970s,  arbitration pro

ENTITLEMENT DISPUTES UNDER PETROLEUM Agreements THE concessions in the Arab producing countries of the area had been in only four cases,  between:  the Ruler of and Petroleum Development(Qatar),  Ltd.  in 1950;  the eut r on of Sheikh of Abu Dhabi and Petroleum Development (Trucial Coast)  an Co Ltd.

in 1951:  the Ruler of Qatar and the International Marine oil Company Ltd.  in 1953:  and the Government of Saudi Arabia and f the two the Arabian American oil Company(Aramco)  in 1958.  In the on would early 1980s there was also an arbitration case involving the e(con government of Kuwait and the American Independent oil ointment Company(AMINOIL) (1982)  For a complete picture of oil arbitration in the Arab world,  one cle 42)  must include the arbitration cases which were filed against the ination to Libyan government by the oil companies that were nationalized by 1963,  the Libya in the 1970s.

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