Relations Between Oil producing countries and Football

Relations Between Oil and Football

In Our Site specialists opinion , looking at our statisticians and statistics results. We found that there is a significant relationship between oil and football.

    We are speaking about oil  that means petrol  or Black gold and who produce it, also who can get it. On the other hand we mean by football: players, teams, club financial administrations.

    Our statistics found the most important relations as a result of group of researches the following:

  • oil Producing countries can not make a good player but they can make good clubs. Example: Qatar is one of oil producing country, but it has no professional player in Europe clubs. In spite of that it has a high quality club called PSG or Paris San German. 

  • Oil countries people love football game in general, since huge number  of these states is watching Europe clubs matches, Example: about 5 million views of football game between FC Bayern vs Arsenal. 

  •  Qatar will introduce a Festival for football World Cup in 2022.

  • large number of  European players and south american players (that can be source of talented professional players) continue their way of work as a player in these oil producing countries . Example: Germany and Brasil exports high amount of players into clubs around the world. Also, Argentina fall in South America  has Messi who is Best player in the world for five times. 

      Our results depends on our statisticians specialists that has a percentage of fault as a confidence interval around 5% . That was worked for last 10 years of data collecting, analyzing and summarized. 

     So we hope that we give you a nice information to make a suggestions for these people living in oil producing countries in order to make a benefit for all . The financial issues now mostly related with entertainment.